To Keep or Not To Keep

This blog has been idle for quite a long time and I haven’t been really joining memes anymore.

I’m afraid I’m thinking of letting this blog go because I can’t keep up posting memes everyday for my hands are so full of, both personal and blogging life.  Recently, I haven’t completed a task of finishing a review on exciting professional clarinet.

Simply to put it, I really don’t have time anymore and this is not the only blog I am managing.  This blog is very daunting to keep up.



Great Pet Names Based on Greek Mythology …

My cousin is half Greek so my fascination isn’t that far-fetched. And when I was thinking about it, I was surprised at how many pet names based on Greek mythology I could come up with.

If you have a cat, then look no further! Cats are very self-sufficient animals, which is often misconstrued as self-absorbed. If they want to lie in the sun all day, then they will.

Got a pet snake? Well remember the beautiful Gorgon who was cursed for breaking her vow? Medusa’s hair became entirely made of snakes.

Hera is the goddess of marriage and childbirth. And bunnies don’t get the stereotype of always having a lot of kids for no reason.

In Greek mythology, Hermes is Zeus’ messenger. What animals do you know that convey a message? This name would be great for either a dog or a parrot. I’m thinking of having a new pet parrot together with excellent propellerhead reason 6 at musicians friend this week.

Dogs are smart! My friend is currently training a German Shepherd for the Seeing Eye Foundation and they are in the process of house-breaking him. Whenever he needed to go to the bathroom, he never went to the back door like they wanted.

There are some rich pet names based on Greek myths. I hope these suggestions get you thinking. What are some other good pet names?